Non Renewable Energy

F. No. 2/2/2007-BM-UICA Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy ( UICA Group) ~~~~~ Block No. 14, C.G.O. Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003 Dated : 24th April 2007


State Nodal Agencies/ Chief Secretaries / IREDA / Banks / FIs

Sub: - Sanction of continuation of the Programme on “Biomass Energy & Co-generatin (non-bagasse) in Industry ” during 2007-08.

Sir, Sanction of the President is hereby conveyed for continuation of the Programme on “Biomass Energy & Co-generation (non-bagasse) in Industry” of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy during 2007-08. 2. The above programme/ scheme will be implemented during 2007-08 as per the same funding norms/ guidelines and other provisions applicable during 2006-07 as announced vide sanction order(s) No. 2/2/2005-UICA dated 25.07.2005, modified on 08.02.2006 and continued vide sanction order(s) No. 1/1/2005-P&C dated 26.05.2006 and 07.07.2006, and until such time the same is superseded by fresh/ new programmes/schemes which are required to be formulated in alignment with 11th Plan proposals. 3. Release of subsidy / CFA sanctioned during 2007-08 on the basis of provisions of programmes / schemes of 2006-07 will continue to be governed by the said provisions even after the same are superseded by fresh / new programmes / schemes. Some of these schemes are likely to be replaced by new programmes / schemes during the course of the year to be implemented during the 11th Plan period. As and when such new schemes are approved and conveyed, the old schemes would be replaced and the new norms would apply. Till such time, the existing schemes would continue to be implemented.



4. All SNAs are requested to take up schemes for implementation as per the guidelines of 2006-07 till further communication. 5. This issues with the approval of the Minister (NRE).

(Narain Dass) Under Secretary to the Govt. of India Copy to:1. All State/UT Implementing Departments/Agencies 2. SS&FA 3. Pr....