Non Medical Prescribing

Consultation Skills In Relation To Non Medical Prescribing Nursing Essay
To illustrate this I will utilise the model of reflection adapted from (Boud, Keogh and Walker 1985) as to focus on influences on prescribing, psychology of prescribing working through the consultation, decision-making and therapy, and referral.
Being present in the consultation as a non-medical prescriber challenged me to ask questions about my own practice and the consultant psychiatrist, focussing on how we arrived at our decisions and occasionally resulting in contrasting views.
According to (Butler et al 1998) many authorities advise that the prime skills associated with the prescribing process are:
Adequate exploration of the patient's worries
Adequate provision of information to the patient regarding the natural processes of the disease being treated
The advisability of self-medication in trivial illness
The issue pertaining to poor communication has a negative impact with patient-practitioner relationship and was acknowledged in an informative paper by (Britten et al 2000). Ultimately, all of the failures of communication were linked with an absence of the patient's involvement during the consultation process.
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There is evidence that failure to actively engage in, or even consider, the patient's perspective is a common failing amongst prescribers. (Britten et al 2000).
Very often there is a focus on the term compliance and it is only recently that nurses are focussing on the more apt term of concordance. The term compliance was viewed as being authority laden (Marinker 1997) where it was expected that patients complied implicitly and without question when a prescription was given. There was little acceptance that patients would actively participate in the...