Non Governmental Organisations


Hand in Hand is an NGO founded and operating in Bangalore since 22nd March 2013. Our organisation supports and educates children who are visually and aurally challenged. We believe that along with these challenges they have been gifted with a special sense - THE 6TH. We at Hand in Hand feel that each of them posses this sixth sense to surpass their challenges and excel beyond anyone’s expectations. To raise funds we are organising an event called –the 6th Sense on the 3rd of July at Brigade Millennium in Bangalore. We focus on developing their talents and work towards their brighter tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education in an English medium. We believe in developing not only their minds, but also ensuring that each child is healthy and holistically developed.
We also aim at enhancing their affinity towards art, craft and various other talents that each child in our organisation possesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip these children with the necessary skills to make their dreams come true. We want our children to be independent. Our organisation currently has a group of 17 dedicated volunteers who come regularly to work with the children. Our volunteers are experts in their respective fields such as Mathematics, Social Science, English and a talent hour is conducted allowing each child to showcase their capabilities.

Marketing Research

Market Research has two phases – market surveillance and market investigation. Market surveillance generally stays abreast of trends and practices.
According to NGO Fund Raising the method of Corporate Fund Raising has increased in comparison to other fund raising techniques. Hand in Hand hopes to combine Corporate Fund Raising as well as a gala to acquire additional funds.

Marketing Strategy

Hand in Hand has decided to use different marketing strategies for the 6th Sense gala and the 6th Sense dinner.
For the 6th Sense gala our main...