Rev. Lowery Benediction at the Inauguration
Rev. Lowery’s benediction wasn’t a normal benediction for a protestant bishop; he was cautions of the language he use. The benediction was firmed in a way not to offend any other religions group or denominations, and he carefully pick the wording. He did a very good job of not imposing his view of religious faith in his benediction.
As protestant myself, I it found interesting that he never once mention any phrase or figure that is tie to a single denomination or religious group. For example, he did not mention the name Jesus, even though his denomination is based on the fact that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior and only through him one can see God. To be honest, I think it was an odd prayer for a Rev of his background, maybe the occasion might have influenced the wording in his prayer. I felt like he was so worry about the diversity of the audience to the point that he wanted to get everyone (religious group) connected with the prayer. He used phrases like this to incorporate that “Let us take that power back to our homes, our workplaces, our churches, our temples, our mosques, or wherever we seek your will”. Instead of imposing his view of worship/spiritual altering with God, he instead went for an open minded, non-denominational, non-religious stand.
To my understanding, I think it was a prayer of unity, hope for the future, bringing everyone together as one. Throughout the prayer, he used phrases that seek for unity among Americans, “we seek forgiveness and we come in a spirit of turn to each other and not on each other”. The meanly to that is, we as a nation have recognized our mistake in the past, this time instead of segregations among us, we value and respect his creation by looking up to each other to survive, he also stated that the Lord should guide us to make good choices.