Noble or Not Noble

1. Noble or not?
                Odysseus had many great character traits that still live on in people today. One of which was his bravery. Odysseus could have many times but instead he stood and fought his enemy until they were both too weak to fight anymore.   More character traits include him being adventurous, sensitive, and determined. These are all important traits of Odysseus.
                  Odysseus’s bravery starts when he leaves for the first battle. He knew and didn’t know what was going to happen at the same time. Therefore leaving home at all was brave. Odysseus showed a sensitive side when he gets home and when he knows that he has to leave again eventually. Odysseus shows his determination throughout the story. With every battle he fights he is determined to live and go home to his family. He is adventurous when he knows that he has to leave again and that in strange ways he wants to. Odysseus was unstoppable when he raced back out to battle.
                  In my opinion Odysseus is admirable to the extent that he will fight for family and friends, but still is not completely and totally admirable. I believe that Odysseus’s character is too much of a warrior, other than that he is a very good man with a good soul. I think that Odysseus would be a great hero today because he is so determined once he gets in a battle. I also think that he would also be considered a hero because of the power, heart, and soul that he so truly fights with.