No Idea I Just Want to Read an Essay so I Had to Submit One ( I Suck at Wrinting Don't Read It)

Katie Fitzhugh


January 8, 2010

People in America
For me living in an American society, but still practicing my Irish traditions, can make life a bit difficult. My entire family has grown up supporting the Irish ways, so we don’t consider ourselves American. We are people of Ireland. It’s the same for thousands of people all across the United States. Thus no matter where you live you will have to live be the ‘dominate’ culture, while you remain faithful to your own.
This is the same for the little boy in Richard Lakes “A Fathers Plea”. Wind-Wolf’s father is writing a letter to his sons teacher, for she has already labeled Wind-Wolf as a ‘slow learner’, because he doesn’t know what all the other children, (who practice American traditions) know. For instance early on in life, Medicine Grizzliebear’s son Wind Wolf was carried in an “Indian Baby Basket” while he was being what one would call “educated in Native ways”. Within this Baby Basket his mom was free to move around freely, while the baby soaks up all the knowledge he can retain. Baby Baskets are important to ear development, “It is specially designed to provide the child with the kind of knowledge and experience he will need in order to survive in his culture and environment”(Lake 109). Wind Wolf is being brought up in an American society, however he is continuing to learn about his native heritage, and how to survive these two societies.
Although Wind Wolf tries hard to balance these two cultures, in “a Hunger for Memory” there is no effort to balance two cultures. In this short story the young man was taunted in the beginning for descending of two cultures. In the end he had separated himself from his family, thus severing all connections with his culture. He says “ once upon a time I was a socially disadvantaged child” (Rodriguez 103) he was considered “ an extreame public alienation” (Rodriguez 103). By severing all contact he felt as though this would make him seem more...