Nkc and English Teachers

Reflections of National Knowledge Commission on English Language Teacher in the Modern Era

      K. Kamala Devi M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor in English,
Sri Sarada College of Education,
Salem - 16
Teachers are the single most important element of the school education system. It is the teacher who brings life to the learning materials, who is the active agent in the education process and ultimately who causes the transformation in the minds of the young generation by transform the entire society. It was aptly observed that any nation can not improve more than the level of its teachers. Hence it is the teacher folk who must be given vigorous attention and they themselves must aware of their accountability and responsibility towards the society. That too, in the modern era, the liability of the teacher is more in shaping the future minds against the innumerable distracters.   They must develop and enhance their knowledge and skills so as to prove their superiority over the other learning resources. For creating sweeping changes in the nation through knowledge society, Indian government has established the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) under the chairmanship of Prof. Sam Pitroda and this paper enumerates the expectations of NKC regarding English language teachers.

National Knowledge Commission:
      The National Knowledge Commission is a high-level advisory body to the Prime Minister of India, with the objective of transforming India into a knowledge society. It covers sectors ranging from education to e-governance in the five focus areas of the knowledge paradigm:
      It is the first of its kind in the world, has been successful in bringing the education debate to the center-stage of policy deliberations in the country. The National Knowledge Commission has emphasized the importance of an inclusive society as the foundation for a knowledge society. NKC has also recognized the significance of language not only as...