Nitrocellulose Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2023

Nitrocellulose is a highly inflammable compound produced by nitrating cellulose by exposure to nitric acid or other powerful nitrating agent. Nitrocellulose when utilized as a low-order explosive or propellant it is known as guncotton. Moreover, if cellulose is not fully nitrated, then it can be used as a plastic film and also in wood coatings and printing inks. The growing demand for nitrocellulose from such a diverse range of applications such as explosives, printing inks, wood coatings and plastic films across the globe is expected to drive the global nitrocellulose market in the next six years.

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Nitrocellulose is a chief component of smokeless gunpowder. Moreover, nitrocellulose is used for immobilizing nucleic acids in Northern blots and Southern blots in nuclear biology. Nitrocellulose is also utilized for immobilization of proteins in Western blots, owing to its non-specific affinity for amino acids. Furthermore, nitrocellulose is broadly used as support in diagnostic tests such as U-Albumin tests, pregnancy tests and CRP. Additionally, nitrocellulose, when dissolved in ether or another organic solvents, the solution is called as collodion. This solution is used as a carrier of topical medications and as a wound dressing. The other applications of nitrocellulose include nail polish and hair coloring. Nitrocellulose lacquer and paint are also used in the manufacture of guitars. In addition, nitrocellulose lacquer is used as an aircraft dope for providing protection to the aircraft material. The growing demand for nitrocellulose in all such wide range of applications is expected to drive the global nitrocellulose market in the next few years.

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Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for nitrocellulose in the next few years. The...