Nike Csr

What is CSR if some of you are asking?
CSR is generally used to describe the efforts of a corporate to achieve sustainable outcomes BY committing to good business practices and standards, being socially responsible, giving back to community, making a positive social impact.
In particular, i would like to focused on a company called Nike that is well known throughout the world for its athletic footwear, sports equipments and accessories.
First of all i would like to mention the points that i would like to cover regarding Nike's CSR
  Nike's pretax contributions
      Partnership of Nike and RED
      nike's environmentally preferred materials
      Nike's attempt in reducing waste and disposal cost
      Restricted substance list in manufacturing
    In 2002, Nike has contribute a total of $29 million in cash, products and in-kind services to non profit organizations and community partners around the world. This total contribution represents 3.2% of the company's pretax profit. The $29 million contribution consisted of 34% cash, 66% product and in kind donations. Among this contribution, 40% of the total is donated to organizations outside the U.S. As a result, Nike has served more than 4500 charitable organizations around the world. And this pretax contribution has been ongoing for the past 9 years.
next, id like to mention the unique partnership between nike and RED.
Worlds footballer such as drogba, joe cole, materazzi, denilson, lucas neil and others
have joined bono from the band U2 to announced their partnership between nike and red.
This unique partnership is an approach to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa by devlivering funds to support programs that offer education and medication. The fight against AIDS in Africa needs great brands to increase awareness and nike is confident that they are the right partner to connect education with sport. By doing so, they will help creating social change, prevention and understanding of HIV/AIDS....