Night Life and Society

Slide 1-2-3 Introduction
Night life means activities in night time, both legally and illegally. If we talk about night life, people always think about going to night club and consumption of alcohol drink.
This kind of businesses generated a lot of profit, as we can see; foreigners come to Thailand and spend time with this kind of activity such as Kao Sarn Road, Rachada, and especially Phatphong.
The main purpose of nightlife is to reduce stress from working or studying. Nightlife can give you happiness
Today, we are going to present another side of nightlife which causes various kinds of problems to society. Illegally activities always occur in pub and massage parlor. How they look like. We will give vivid explanation.
Slide 4 pubs in general
Everyone knows what pub is. Pub is commercial public place where they sell alcohols and play extremely loud music with the beat for people to dance along. It is a social place where men meet women. Pub can reduce stress from work and study.
Slide 5 pubs in reality
Some of you might have heard about criminal news that people shot others in front of the pubs. Public rows always occur at this place. Three most popular issues are someone feeling antipathy against others, drunk and then swaggering, and fight of girl.
Pub is dark and people are intense.   This is an opportunity for drug dealer to make money because observation and arrest made by police cannot be easily operated. Alcohol is starting point which can lead to drugs.
People who get drunk are vulnerable to inebriation, that’s why girl loss their virginity.
Slide 6 Massage parlor in general
Massage parlor is basically taking a bath and spa but you don’t do it by yourself, they have sexy pretty women do it for you.
Slide 7 Massage parlor in Reality
But in reality, It is not only Bathed and massaged. It is more than that.
The term massage parlor is directly related to brothel.
The term "massage" may be used as an expression for paid sexual favors or...