Nick Griffin-the Decline of the British National Party

How Nick Griffin is once again deluding himself and those of the British National Party that they will soon be in Power
Under the heading “Nick Griffin explains why, in the long run, the rise of UKIP is an opportunity for genuine nationalism” Nick himself turns the handle of the same old Organ in the belief that the hard working activists, donators and members alike will dance to the same old tune.
Throughout he fails to admit that, with UKIP’s almost unassailable charge on the British Political system, the momentum can only increase. Instead he pushes the absurd suggestion that, after 10 years of Political gain UKIP is suddenly going to collapse and the British National Party will just take over and waltz into Westminster with no members, no activists and even more importantly no candidates.
Just how this will happen when membership is at an all time low, more likely in the hundreds than thousands, is not addressed. The Party can barely raise 100 candidates UK wide and this is likely to decline sharply after the abysmal results in the County Elections.
With the exception of Maryport South that is. Apparently this is where Nick and Co, have finally, after 20 years leading the party, found out how to win elections. It’s the “Miracle New Formula” a bit like the Marmite ad or Jim Dowsons “New Model Army”
So, following on from those successes, the ones that are left and still believe that Nick and Co will deliver I’m now taking odds on the excuses for the loss of the one remaining MEP seat that will signal the end of a once glorious Nationalist party.
  * Evens on Electoral Fraud
  * 2:1 BBC involvement
  * 5:1 Royal Mail non delivery
  * 10:1 Trevor Philips and the EHRC
  * 20:1 Internal Sabotage
  * 25:1 Website DOS
  * 1000:1 War in Europe
  * 7:3 On UKIP take the Seat

Good Luck and I’ll see you all on the other side!

UKIP are essentially pushing forward two policies:
  * Immigration – A 5 Year freeze on Immigrants for permanent...