Nexus 6p

Constructed from aeronautical-grade aluminum, the Nexus 6P is a precisely engineered pocket computer. It reminds me of the first time I held HTC’s One M7 (and M8 and M9); it’s almost like a more advanced cousin, a T1000 to the T800. That is to say this is by far the most gorgeous Nexus phone to date—I’d argue it’s one of the year’s top beauties.

It doesn’t quite elicit the reactions a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus would, but the Nexus 6P is right in that discussion. Google’s phone features clean lines, a comfortable heft, and a thinness your brain won’t quite believe. And if you’re undecided on which color to buy, my recommendation is to go with black.

Accentuating the metal frame are finely carved edges, giving you the sense that whoever created this actually cared about how it looked. And how it felt, too. A little extra care goes a long way. Your thumb rests perfectly on the ridged power button, which can be double-pressed to launch the camera; the rear fingerprint sensor is easy to find and use; and the device just exudes an affable confidence. You can’t help but like it.

And don’t worry, that rear camera hump isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be. It barely protrudes, and when placed on a table, it lies flat as a board. People might sneer at the 6P’s rear glass stripe, but it’s honestly a non-issue. Don’t sweat it. You don’t touch that part of the phone. And, anyway, how often do you find yourself staring at the back of a device?