come to the first Employee Newsletter for employees of Bell Orchid Hotel in Orlando!
We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter each month, and that you will contribute to it. Please let us know what types of pieces you would like to see included in the newsletter, and if you have anything you would like to include, please send it to Jamie Bernard, Human Resources Department. Keep in mind that we are a newsletter directed to all employees; articles included should have as broad a base of interest as possible. You can also reach Jamie at Extension 515, or you can e-mail him at
Shawna Davis, Director of Sales and Marketing announced yesterday that Window on Orlando will be holding its Annual Conference at the Hotel in May! It is anticipated that over three hundred people will attend the conference, which will be held in the Hotel’s Pacific Room. “This is quite an achievement,” says Shawna. “We have been working with representatives of Window on Orlando since the hotel opened early this year, and provided three familiarity trips to representatives of the organization. Now they have chosen the Bell Orchid, we are hoping they will be pleased enough to use our facilities every year from now on!”
All employees are invited to attend a seminar that will be given by the Engineering Department on April 16 at 10. The seminar, entitled “Safety and Security in the Hotel Business,” will give everyone an opportunity to become more aware of the importance of safety and security matters for guests and employees.
If you plan to attend this seminar, please be at the small conference room on the 1st floor at 10 a.m., ready to visit different locations throughout the Hotel where safety issues will be covered. Tim James, Assistant Engineer, will present the seminar.
Operations hired three new Front Desk Clerks this month: Rita Benjamin, Juan Mendoza, Peter Johnson.
This will be Rita’s first job with a full-service hotel. Juan...