Newcrop's Liabilities


Newcorp’s Liabilities
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Newcorp’s Liabilities
Executive Summary
Newcorp employed Sam as a supervisor for the Under-Dash Wiring Harness Department.   Sam and a subordinate, Paula, began a relationship which quickly developed into an all out affair.   There were reports that frequent rendezvous were not uncommon between the two during working hours.   Paula later began dating another man outside of Newcorp and broke off the relationship with Sam.   Sam then began showing signs of harassment towards Paula in the form of touching and other inappropriate behaviors.  
It must be recognized that Sam has become a liability for Newcorp.   Swift and sensitive action must be taken in order to contain and remedy the situation.   Newcorp must first investigate the matter by holding separate interviews with Sam and Paula.   If necessary, interviews will also be held with Newcorp employees who worked alongside both Sam and Paula during the time in question.   After the interviews have been conducted, we can better establish any possible legal ramifications that may arise from the situation.  
It can be argued that Sam had created a hostile work environment for Paula therefore, infringing upon her Title VII rights under sexual harassment.   There is strong evidence of both Quid Pro Quo and gender discrimination present in this case.   Sam is within the scope of employment with Newcorp therefore, Newcorp is vulnerable to vicarious liability and can be held responsible for negligent torts.
Quid Pro Quo
Depending on the situation, Quid Pro Quo is either a form of bribery or blackmail.   In the case of Sam and Paula, it can be argued that Sam used blackmail in order to get what he wanted from Paula out of the situation.   After Paula ended the relationship with Sam he began displaying a multitude of bothersome and inappropriate behaviors.   Soon after Paula told Sam to stop, Sam began telling Paula that her...