New York

Manhattan, New York. Ground Zero memorial project. Everyone knows where they were or what they were doing 11 years ago on the unfortunate day. There were many project managers in the process of rebuilding ground zero.

Phase 1 Project conception and initiation
The memorial design team heads were Michael Arad and Peter Walker. These two groups had to come together and bring in an idea that can be realistically completed.
“Based on Arad's entry to the 2003 international competition that drew 5,201 submissions, it forms an 8-acre plaza comprising outdoor rooms shaped by granite, bronze, water, and trees. Arad called his entry “Reflecting Absence” because it preserves the footprints of the Twin Towers as square holes where water cascades into pools that reflect the Lower Manhattan skyline.”

Phase 2 Project definition and planning
Drawings were created to give an idea what the area was to look like once completed. Even though a committee had approved the project the lead designers continued to change the plans as they went forward. However at this time it was estimated that the cost was going to be roughly 490 million dollars. The plan was scheduled to be complete September 11, 2010.

Phase 3 Project launch or execution
Many teams were constructed from those who were replanting of the trees to constructing the two waterfalls in both locations. Even re designing the roads so that the area is more efficient to drivers. With the towers the way they stood before, down town Manhattan was blocked off and a team of designers were able to open it up and make it so that people could pass through down town easier.

National September 11 Memorial at the World Trade Center
Design Architect:
Handel Architects — Michael Arad and Gary Handel, partners; Amanda Sachs, David Margolis, Robert Jamieson, Cristóbal Canas, and Garrett Brignoli, project team
Architect of Record:
Davis Brody Bond Aedas — Steven Davis, Carl Krebs, David Williams, Joseph Grant, Richard...