New York Effing City

Growing up in New York City has its benefits. Theres no better place than New York to grow up in. New York has much to offer. There are many positives as well as negatives that come along with New Yorkers, and New York.
When New York is referenced in television shows, or commercials, its depicted as this amazing city, full of dreams but in actuality it’s a pretty cruel place. New York is full of loud, strong minded, and very opinionated people. Most of who don’t care about anything, there always in a rush, and overall rude. This is the stereotype of New Yorkers, and there’s truth behind it because that’s literally how everyone is.
This always scared me but made me more aware and observant. New York is culturally diverse and full of   many people of different places. This is a huge advantage to growing up in New York because learning about other cultures makes us diverse and helps us gain worldly experiences. Growing up in New York is also good because it teaches us to be street smart, teaching us things like how to get from one place to the other and helping us be independent early on. For example, I was able to get around through the use of subways and buses easily and without having to rely on my parents for help.
New York is a wonderful place to grow up in. Its transportation system and its people and inhabitants truly provide a wonderful advantage and experience to those who are able to deal with the fast pace that is New York.