New Teachers and Help Aids

“New Teachers and Help Aids”
Axia University of Phoenix

As many new teachers start their first years it is a new thing to them and not what they had expected it was best quoted by Betty Ried “Teaching is like getting into the Army. You don't know what you're in for until you get into the classroom.” (Ried 2008) Betty Ried was thankful for the options that they still give first year teachers so they can go forward and help the students through the years of schooling. It is best for the children to learn in a great environment where the teacher is confident and able to give all they can to the students. If a teacher is not as confident as they should be the students could lose respect for them or not feel like they cannot learn from them. It is not a good environment for the student or the teachers.
There is a lot of stress and frustration when you think that things will go one way with way you planned on teaching your class then how can turn out. With knowing you have options to broaden your experience is a great tool for the new year teachers. The few options that they offer is the Mentoring Programs where they are mentored by experienced teachers and see how they teach the students so it is a little hands on learning while watching someone who has many years of teaching. Another option is an induction program where first and second year are evaluated and supported by the districts to help improve or help new teachers out so they work together to make the district better. The difference on how these two programs work on making education better for the students is great thing to have.
Mentoring and Induction are two great programs on helping teachers reach their potential that will keep schools productive also a great experience for the students. The programs are close to being effective to have help from a veteran teacher and having their help to see how they taught their class with the outcomes can help any new teacher take notes and make it into their...