New Staff Leaflet

It’s Never To Late To Learn

Seeing the joy on the face of a child who has just mastered a new skill can be truly inspirational.

It’s a reminder of the simple pleasure that comes from expanding and challenging the body and mind; something we did routinely throughout childhood, when almost every day provided an opportunity to learn something new.

But acquiring knowledge doesn’t have to be the solely for the young. Studying and applying ourselves to new skills can be enriching at any age. It also brings the opportunity to discover things to become passionate about.

As we get older, we might not pick new things up quite as quickly as we used to when we were young as nature designs our brains to enable us to learn new things when we are young.

But while older people might lack what psychologists describe as “mechanical brain power” we make up for that with our higher motivational levels. In other words, when the going gets tough, we are less likely to give up. We will keep going for longer than when we were young.

Adult learning is a great way of getting out of a rut because as we get older we look for stability and control and we tend to fight against new things. Adults tend to keep things the same as they feel comfortable and familiar with things they know.

It is fine to an extent, but the problem is that life becomes stable and lacking in challenges that it becomes utterly boring.

Later-life learning addresses that. It creates interest and enthusiasm for new things that are out of the ordinary when it comes to our everyday life.

And the greatest thing about being an adult is learning not because we have to or someone is telling us we must but because we genuinely want to broaden our minds or skillsets.

That makes adults far more motivated to learn and less likely to quit at something when we hit an obstacle. It can be an extremely stimulating and enriching experience.