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Biomarkers Market Share, Size, Trends and
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This report on Biomarkers focuses on the different types of biomarkers and their impact on various
disease areas such as oncology (prostate, ovarian, breast and lung), neurology (stroke, brain tumor,
neurodegenerative diseases), cardiology (coronary heart disease, heart failure, myocardial
infarction), infectious diseases (GIT, respiratory tract infections) and other areas including
metabolomic turmoil, arthritis, gynecology, oxidative stress, liver disease, pulmonary disease and
aging, etc.
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The study provides global market analysis for biomarkers by the above disease areas and also by
prominent biomarker identification technologies including imaging, genomics, proteomics,
metabolomics, gene expression and other technologies comprising fluorescent indicators, lab-onchip, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry/liquid chromatography and
nanobiotechnology. Compilation of Worldwide Patents and Research related to Biomarkers is also
provided. The report offers market values for global geographic regions including North America,
Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World.
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Table Of Content
2.1 Introduction 3
Biomarkers 3
Definitions 3

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
Therapeutic Areas 3
Oncology 3
Prostate Cancer 3
Ovarian Cancer 4
Breast Cancer 4
Lung Cancer 4
Other Cancer Diseases 4
Liver Cancer 4
Testicular Cancer 4
Thyroid Cancer 4
Colorectal Cancer 5
Pancreatic Cancer 5
Renal Cancer 5
Cardiology 5
Coronary Heart Disease 5
Heart Failure 5
Myocardial Infarction 5...