New Orleans

“A warm evening rain falls gently onto worn cobblestone streets and glimmers in gas lamp illumination. The smell of gumbo and crawfish boil permeates the air, mixing with the faint scent of absinthe and sweet cherry tobacco to create an intoxicating perfume, as unique and unforgettable as the Lady herself. A street car rumbles by, carrying its passengers further into the night, the staccato clickity-clack of its wheels creating a subtle drumming. A lone trumpet pierces through the sounds of merriment to accompany the beat, its bluesy cry carried along on the wings of the wind. Wrought iron works of art wrap the centuries-old French architecture, a Parisian paradise lost in a bygone era.   Beneath the majesty of St. Louis Cathedral, the slight silhouette of a ghostly procession passes, the woeful cries of its mourners, defying long-gone foes by the cover of storm, delicately catch the ear. Some call it the Big Easy, others the Crescent City, I call it home. Oh, how I long for New Orleans.”
“Lady” New Orleans has been a city of mystery since her birth, and continues to be a perfect destination for excitement, adventure, and, of course, relaxation. Whether one comes for the food, the music, the nightlife, the history, or the hauntings, they are never disappointed. There is a constant feeling of excitement in the air, and one never knows what they may find around any corner that they turn. All around the Vieux Carre there are wonders to behold and experiences to treasure. Just make sure that you arrive hungry!
Derived from French, Haitian, and African origins, New Orleans eats are legendary. Flavorful and aromatic dishes, from spicy gumbos to jambalaya and crawfish, titillate the senses. The Acme Oyster and Seafood House   on Rue Iberville offers a wide variety of traditional New Orleans-style delicacies, including the tastiest and most historical sandwich in the American South: the Po’ Boy. A monumental sandwich, the Po’ Boy came to be during the Great Depression....