New Lands

Creative Writing Paper 1

“Japan, isn’t it magnificent Stuart?” asked my mother.

Tokyo’s metropolis was bustling with movement even at midnight. There no sign of stars, only the neon lights of, SONY, TOSHIBA and names written Japanese, illuminated the night.

“Yes, it is”, I whispered back as I looked out the limousine window.

We approached the Ocean hotel and our luggage was carried towards our new apartment, on the twenty second floor. The whole apartment was itself was very small, only three rooms.

“You got school tomorrow, so go to bed as soon as you got everything unpacked!” yelled my mother from the other room. I set the alarm to 7am and jumped into the small bed wondering how tomorrow would unfold.

“Brrrrring-Brrrring” yelped the alarm.

I woke up half a sleep and brushed my teeth. No sign of my parents, they must have already left for work. I got dressed in what seemed more like a sailor suit than a uniform. My stomach was craving for some eggs and bacon. I opened the fridge to my disappointment; I couldn’t recognize anything except the leftover sushi I was eating last night. Luckily I managed to find Cheerios stashed away in the alcove next to the fridge.

After I quenched my appetite, I head out to “Tokyo High School”. As I approached the school, I saw the beautiful pink cherry blossoms sweep across the sky. I walked into what was supposed to be my classroom “2-C”. I opened the door to see a neatly set classroom with kids already in it. At once all the eyes were on me. Ignoring them I walked to the back of the classroom and sat at an empty desk. Most of the kids seemed to ignore me after that and began conversations in Japanese, which seemed more like gibberish to me.

A young looking male teacher walked and immediately stopped talking the kids raced for their seats. The teacher read, what to me, was the roll was and then recognized me. He asked me something I did not understand.

“Ohh, you must be the new boy, come and introduce...