New Hire Communication

• Planning
o Define the purpose.
 To educate the New Hire on the company’s culture, process, procedures, and other general information
o Define the audience.
 The audience is a new employee. Their needs are to learn more about the company and have an idea of “who” they are before starting. I, the writer, want the new hire to walk in the door confident about their new company and position.
o Identify the channel(s) of communication and why you selected that channel.
 Since all of our previous communications, other than the face to face interview, had been through email, I have chosen email as the channel of communication.
• Writing
o Create the message.
 Greetings, give brief description of the company’s culture, attach the company’s handbook that includes all policies and procedures, list any other general information needed, and end on a strong positive note.
• Completing
o Proofread, revise, and submit.
 Proofread and allowed colleague to review as well, revised the document, and submit

New Hire Communication (email)…

Greetings Jane Doe,

The Valspar Team would like to extend our congratulations to you, on your appointment as Generalist here in our Human Resources Department.   There are many attributes to Valspar's culture. Above all, employee safety and integrity guide our actions.
We asked some of our employees to share their perspective of the Valspar culture and the type of employee that is successful at the company. Here is a sample of some of these key cultural attributes, in our employees' own words:
• Above everything else, our company places the utmost emphasis on doing business ethically and with the highest integrity.
• We place a high emphasis on the safety and well-being of our employees.
• There is an "open door policy" at all levels of the organization.
• Our people are passionate, driven, hard-working and full of energy.
• People are recognized for initiative and being proactive.
With a slogan...