New Beetle

Question: Discuss the key challenges and marketing issues Andrea Torres must address at this time. Why do you feel these issues and challenges are key to the success of the new product line?
Product position, since Montreaux is an European brand, and low awareness in US market. Apollo   food should really consider the position of this new product. During the early testing, some respondents do have credibility issue on brand name. According to research, brand reputation do influence customer purchase behavior, and people tend to buy the well-know brand, instead of the unknown one. Hence Apollo food should make the decision which name should they adopt, the Apollo one which is the second largest confectionery brand and famous in US market, or the Montreaux one, the well-known Swiss company reputation but new to US market.

Question: Evaluate the achievability of the company objectives for Montreaux USA. Identify the most salient aspects of the chocolate confectionery industry, globally and domestically, that bear on a new product introduction. Provide support for your conclusions.
Domestically (Resource provide from case study)
7 Product segments: bar/bag/box, seasonal chocolate, bar/bag/box, snack-size chocolate/gift box, sugar-free, novelty chocolate
6 Trends: (1) premium chocolate products moving to mainstream channels, (2) dark chocolate sales benefiting from flavanols - antioxidants that can help to lower cholesterol and provide cardiovascular benefits, (3) low-calorie options such as reduced fat and aerated chocolate, (4) packaging going to stand-up pouches and bigger sizes that appeal to economically conscious consumers, (5) new labeling with terminology emphasizing share ability, portion control, and saving a piece for late, (6) increases in prolog attributable to rising commodity costs.

All of the above trends conclude in the concept of health awareness, people care about their health care and believe the benefit that dark chocolate can provide for...