Never Too Buff

Ideal Body

      An original research which involved more than 1,000 men showed that over half of them desperately want to have the unrealistic bodies of actors and models. No matter how hard we try to look away, we cannot escape them, because they seem to be everywhere. From the products we buy, TV shows that we watch, advertisements in magazines and the commercials on television to the models and actors that span the covers of the supermarket products, the picture of unrealistic body stares back at us with a negative effect. In “Never too Buff” John Cloud argues that the body image issue is becoming an increasing problem in today’s life and how men are very obsesses with their appearance. To support his argument he provides a lot of evidence but, I found this essay unconvincing in many ways.
John Cloud uses extensive study to show how body image plays an important role in men’s lives in today’s society, and how it has become a big issue. In “Never too Buff” he discusses a book called “The Adonis Complex” that shows how men have become emotionally obsessed with their body image.   His research also describes that majority of young men feeling physically inadequate due to media presenting images that show ideal male physique as extremely muscular and massive. Cloud mostly states his argument on the male side through his use of outside research, examination of the impact of professional sports, and the media’s influence on men’s perceptions of ideal masculinity.

      In addition to his effective use of outside research, John Cloud also makes a very significant point when he describes how the athletic bodies of professional athletes have impacted men’s desires to strive for their own ideal image. He claims that close to half of men today are not satisfied with their appearance, compared to only one in six in 1972 (46).   They see the steroid enhanced bodies of sports figures as models of ultimate perfection. Men’s Health, which describes how to get “rock-hard...