Never Give Up

Never Give Up

I believe that sports can get you through the hardships in life.

When I think of soccer, the first thing I remember is dressing up in blue and gold, braided pigtails in my hair, passing out water bottles to my brothers and sister along with their team mates.
Unfortunately my parents didn’t sign me up into any athletic clubs growing up like they did for my older siblings. I still practiced though, even if I didn’t understand, monkey see – monkey do. My brothers used me as props in their drills, teaching me skills to help them but didn’t know I was learning as well.

In fifth grade, when it came time for me to try out for my first team, soccer became so much more than just having fun dressing up, or passing out drinks for them. It became dressing up in MY team colors, in MY jersey, for MY team.

Everyone thought that I wasn’t going to be the stars that they were. I felt discouraged but soccer fell naturally to me and I strived to prove them wrong.

High school came sooner than I knew it. Sports took over my life. I would run into class late, dripping with sweat because every free chance that I got, I would be at the soccer field. My teachers knew my potential in school, but were disappointed because I chose to dedicate my time to soccer, and soccer only.   They would tell me “You’re ruining your academic potential; soccer won’t get you far in life at all.” And believe me, as much as every kid loves school, there is one thing that a teenager would put over it and mine was soccer.   Even though it wasn’t my number one priority, I pushed through school so I was able to get the grades I needed to play soccer. I became disciplined and learned great time management between my coaches and teachers.

Through the years, so much happened to me. I lost my mother to a severe breast cancer, and my father walked out leaving us stranded, alone, lost, and to fend for ourselves. Everything I went through, people came and went, I changed, my family...