Network Management

Interrogate networks
Using nmap you can find out what the host status is which includes open ports, filtered ports,closed ports, scanned ports, the up time and last boot date and time. There is also the addresses which include the IPv4 and IPv6 and MAC address, the operating system name also show the ports used and OS class.

Show CDP Neighbors detail
This command shows detailed information about the Cisco devices that are directly connected to your current device, such as IP addresses. CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol and will only detect
Cisco products.

Show Version
Show version looks through and find the information of what version you are running and give you all the information on the version of software you are using.

Show Proc
Show proc show the protocols that are used on the network at that point.

Show Run
Show run will show the information of the running-config.

Show Interface
Show interface shows overview all interfaces on the router.

Common routine tasks performed as part of network management
Checking Logs- by checking the logs you will be checking to see the log in details usernames passwords, who the details belongs to, time they spent logged in, if the is access from a unknown source.
Purchasing Decisions- The network management will have to buy the and upgrade the software and hardware of the products.
Keeping Software Up-To-Date- they will need to upgrade and install new software every time there is a new upgrade.

Protecting the network- Doing a monthly virus scan and install different security programs.

Backups- Doing weekly backups to prevent loosing information.