Nera Jokio Tittle Krc

In addition, relations between members of family depends from upbringing too. One of the most important and not easy thing, witch parents must carry on, is the upbringing of children.There are different opinions on how children should be treated if they disobey their parents, break the rules, do forbidden things, don‘t keep their words or promises. Some people think that parents should be patient, kind and understanding. The rules and children behavior are discussed in such families. But others believe that children must always to obey the parents and if they won‘t they should be punished. From my point of view, such principles won‘t do a lot of good. Fear and punishment only will lead to selfishness, cruelty and lies.
    Speaking about activities,   family members are able to do lots of things together: spend time on playing games, having picniks, going on journeys and so on. Its hard to believe,but even nowadays it is dificult for some families to create their entertainment plans. Because of this reason i looked up on the internet and i found that there is so much websites and organisations wich suggest a lot of interesting activities for family. For example: Families with Purpose is an organization dedicated to helping busy parents create a meaningful family life for themselves and their children,they empower families everywhere to take control of their family lives and live with intention and purpose.   So, despite the fact of some difficulties, families have a lot of choises for their leisure time.
  Finally, other serious thing is family budget. All of them have a lot of outgoings and incomes, so, because of   this reason, its important to totalize that outcomes and incomes and make some eductions. Families can use some programs to do it better,such as   Family Budget Planner, wich everyone can download for free. By assistance of this program, budget planning could be so much easier.
  To sum up, family not only gives you love, but also gives your...