Neighborhood Watch Paper

Neighborhood watch research paper
Sandra Haynesworth
University of Phoenix

Neighborhood Watch Research Paper

The design for the neighborhood watch was selected after a long research with the different programs. This program was developed with getting the people of the neighborhood involved in taking back their communities from crime.   The first part was getting the people of the community to care enough about their neighborhood to call in crimes they have seen. The local police have to have an active role with the neighborhoods and their watch coordinators. Setting up a good phone tree with the other parts of the community, and the center point being the coordinators of the watch program. This design can use many communities in the system, each with their own watch coordinators. The local police will have a group of officers that are part of the community policing program. This program goes with the neighborhood watch as the liaison between the community and the police. The neighborhood should set up meetings with the groups that are participating exchange phone numbers and email addresses then have the watch coordinator start putting all the information together to turn over to the police. Community policing starts with the community, the more they get involved the better they can make their community and the less likely it would be targeted for crime.  
Social Disorganization Theory applies to the support of many neighborhood watch programs in many aspects. America has always been known as the land of the free and a safe haven for a new life for immigrants trying to settle in America. When every population increase so does violence and crime. States like New York, Illinois, and Florida are some of the few states with high velocity of crime. Social Disorganization Theory states that people that are displaced almost finds a way to be attracted to connect with groups of people that understand them or the feeling of belonging.   We mainly...