The purpose of this essay is to produce an article that provides a company that is preparing to expand its business to new markets in other countries with information on the phases of negotiation. To   provide some tips for achieving success and to explain how culture affects negotiations and the issues employees should consider.

On the behalf of our shareholders, customers and management, I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the success of our company. Without you, we could not have had the success and growth we have experienced over the past year. Because of that growth, we are able to broaden our horizon by expanding the company into new markets in other countries. Our ability to respect and listen to each other created an environment that gave birth to good decision-making and innovation. Working together to we overcame all obstacles that stood before us. To continue our success in the new market we will need to take those qualities with us and I am very confident we can do it.
To carry the success this company has had in America to new markets in other countries; we must understand the cultures that we will encounter in this new market. As you all know negotiations can be difficult and adding cultural differences to the formula makes the negotiation process more difficult.   If we conduct negotiations in the same way we do here in America we could offend our potential client and lose the business. Without understanding the culture, we will continue to fail at negotiation repeatedly, not understand why we failed.
The rest of this article will define culture and negotiation. It will provide information on the phases of a negotiation and tips for achieving success in a negotiation. It will also explain how culture affects negotiations and the issues employees should consider.
What is Culture?
Culture is the unique character of a social group. It encompasses the values and norms shared by members of that group. The...