Negotiation Plan


1- Best Price per Unit
2- Product quality and warranty
3- 2 months deadline
4- Government Satsfaction
5- Companies relationship

(Is the relationship important?)


1. Price per unit
2. Advertisement
3. Product quality
4. Companies relationship

1. 5% fee for up to $500 per unit whole order, total $525
2. 2.5% fee for up to $575 per unit whole order, total $589.3
3- Half order %5 fee delivered within 2 weeks, other half no % within 4 weeks
3- Half order for more then $600 total per unit, other half from Mordred                    
4. Defective parts refunded with % fee
1. Meets or exceeds Government standard
2. 60 Month warranty replacement
3. 100,000 mile warranty

(What are accepted industry standards for measuring performance?   Use Google.)


Order From Mordred for $470/unit and work with the government into providing half of the order within 60 days and the other half within 90 days

(If you cannot negotiate with this party, what is your plan “B”?)


try to sell the 8000 units to a competitor

Aspire To (Best Alternative)

$525 per unit total.
Replacement and warranty.
3.5% additional stock with no % increase.
refund for unused units.
Long term relationship.

(Did you address all your interests?)

Content With (Good Alternative)

$589.3 per unit total.
48 month warranty.
2% additional stock with no % increase.
Refund defective units.

(Did you address most of your interests?)

Live With (Minimum Alternative)

$600 per unit total.
36 month warranty.
Replace defective units at no charge.

(Did you address any of your interests?)