Negativity Through Film

“Negativity through film”

Why does film promote so much negativity?   As I began to reflect on one of my favorite films of all time, I think of Boyz n the Hood.   I say this because this was an American hood film written and directed by John Singleton in 1991.   This film exemplifies life in poor South Central, California.   After viewing this film it was indeed culturally significant for the American society.   My personal belief is that no matter what your circumstance is in life or where you are from, your background is only a stepping stone to move forward in life with grace and elegance. This movie falls under the genre of drama and suspense.   Even though poverty existed in poor South Central California, Boyz n the Hood is my favorite film because it portrays violence, being faced with drug usage and abuse, and racism; and also it shows you can overcome and escape to success in life.
Boyz n the Hood is a classic movie because it reveals violence and negativity that African American people face.   It consisted of several characters.   There was the chief protagonist Tre Styles (Cuba Gooding), Furious (Larry Fishburn) his dad, mom Angela Basset, Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, and Regina King.   Violence was presented at the very beginning of the film. It opens in 1984 with ten-year old Tre Styles and three other youths heading to school, on the way stopping to inspect a crime scene that they encountered. (Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia 2004).   It was a man that was left dead without any clothes.   The fact that the boys were not shocked shows that it was ok to kill someone and leave them out in the open.   Because of his environment, Tre Styles was determined to be a very disobedient child by misbehaving in front of the teacher, receiving a three-day suspension; and for fighting his mom. Tre’s mom decided to teach him a lesson and sends him to live in Crenshaw with his father.   She hopes by this decision he will learn life lessons by overcoming violence and...