No Negatives in Personal Fulfillment
Achievement of life goals is something almost everyone desires to accomplish in their lifetime. This is a term referred to as personal fulfillment. Achieving the objectives an individual has set is becoming so important that the consequences associated with the success are often disregarded. It is my belief that personal fulfillment in society is not only a moral action but is also customary for an individual. Without personal fulfillment, society would be disorderly with no real direction in life.
Firstly, we as people are given the impression that our beliefs are factual despite what others feel. This is a natural reaction that could be categorized as human instinct. Society has instilled this into individuals since birth through television, radio, and other media. Accomplishing a goal usually starts when an individual realizes their personal interests. Once a plan is made the main objective is to complete the goal however means necessary. Therefore the opinion or reactions of others are never considered when trying to achieve personal fulfillment.  
Furthermore, as Aristotle would probably suggest, we must find the “golden mean” when we search for personal fulfillment. In this case the golden mean would be putting ourselves before others. An act that suggests being selfish and egotistic however majority of people feel this way. Without feeling this way personal fulfillment would be unattainable. The thought of success should come from within an individual not from the minds of outsiders. It would be more challenging worrying about how your personal goals affect others. After all they are personal goals and not worldly goals.
Finally, as celebrities have led us to believe, the greatest good in life is personal fulfillment. Nothing feels better than achieving something you alone worked endlessly to accomplish.   Often time’s society gets the impression that wanting to do something makes it right regardless of the...