Need of Hpwps in Hcl


The range and manner in which the HCL companies use HPWPs therefore depends on the specific performance goals of the organization, the industrial context, and how the relevant product strategy in a particular organization is employed to achieve results. HCL in retail services makes extensive use of performance/turnover information for a wide range of purposes on a weekly basis. These include creating a sense of competition, cross-learning and immediate feedback. As a result, HCL, unlike all other project in the report, does not have any formal performance appraisal. The fact that HCL shops only have one or two people in each service unit makes it less appropriate to place too much emphasis on the general concept of teamwork. Instead, they rely on the combination of financial rewards and a good communication system to support the front line staffs that are located in different parts of the country.


HPWPs give benefits to HCL organization in two ways. Firstly, HPWPs may generate continued performance improvements in organizations. Secondly, HPWPs may create a improved workplace in terms of employee fulfillment and a sense of personal success. When these two benefits work mutually, this translates into higher levels of financial performance, sturdy employee promises constant competitiveness and innovation.

The business benefits of HPWPs for HCL are as follows:
• Quantitative research has exposed a strong link between HPWPs and improved performance using indicators such as efficiency and profitability.
• The links between HPWPs and business performance can be recognized in organizations located in many countries or territories.
• The benefits have been recognized using different study methods e.g. examining single-site companies, multiple-site companies, and long term studies and have produced like results in linking HPWPs and improved performance.
• The practices may be more efficient when grouped...