Nebosh Ngc3 Responses

CERTIFICATE Candidate report template
(2009 specification)


Student number :
Date of review

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place:

The following is a report of a health safety and welfare inspection which took place at XXX Engineering Depot on XXth June 20XX. Due to the size of the depot the inspection was confined to the contractors signing in point, contractor‘s mess facilities,   depot stores, changing rooms and the Main Depot incorporating Roads   1 to N 15.   XXX Depot employs XXX permanent staff who work on a 24hour shift basis.   The depot’s main business is   planned preventative and reactive maintenance of Trains with some work being completed on local units stock as well other types of rolling stock and contracted services for XX Trains ltd.   Cleaning and fuelling of trains is also undertaken. Various actives were observed, including under-frame maintenance, welding, grinding, and operation of pillar drill.

Executive Summary

The inspection found that there were a number of possible breaches of the Health and Safety At Work etc Act 1974   and   the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999   among others that would need to be promptly rectified by the depot manager. The most serious of which relates to the removing of – (and lack of) guards observed on three items of work equipment and failing regarding suitable provision for fire protection at the premises..   It is likely that discovery of these breaches by the enforcing authorities would result in a Prohibition Notice being served.   It is also possible that an Improvement Notice would be considered for failing to adequately test and maintain a number lifting vehicles and lifting equipment use at the depot.   One further serious breach was observed which was the storage of excessive quantities of a highly flammable substance close to a...