Ndaa or Nlada

The National District Attorney’s Association is a group of professionals that include district and state’s attorneys, city and county prosecutors, and attorneys general and are responsible for the prosecution of criminal offenders. The opposite of the National District Attorney’s Association is the National Legal Aid and Defender Association that is made up of attorney’s that provide counseling and representation to low income criminal offenders. While it is very difficult to choose which profession I would receive the greatest amount of professional satisfaction from, I am leaning more towards the National District Attorney’s Association.
With the National District Attorney’s Association, I like the fact that if a person has become a victim of a crime and the offender has been arrested, the district attorney can choose to persue a conviction even if the victim decides not to. I believe it is extremely important for an offender to be held responsible for the crime they chose to commit in hopes that they will not become a repeat offender. There victims that choose not to prosecute offenders out of fear or just because they don’t want to deal with the court system. Victims may think that it won’t be worth the hassle to prosecute or that the offender will just be free to go.
I believe it is important for low income offenders and to be represented in the court of law. Without the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, offenders are likely to be confused on what their rights are during trial. Public defenders are aware of programs such as Drug Court, and Pre-Trial Intervention that may help an offender become a law abiding citizen with the proper treatment. Many offenders need the help to learn they can become an active part of society but may not know they can participate and eventually graduate from such programs instead of sitting in jail and committing the same offense that got them there in the first place.
Both the National District Attorney’s...

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