Nclb Belief Statments

I am a teacher advocate of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program.   Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts and opinions on this matter.   As a teacher of elementary age children I find it incredibly important to prepare students for the next level of education.   I want to be able to provide students every opportunity to succeed according to state and personal standards.   I believe the NCLB program is an excellent measure of a child’s success and it gives me insight on what needs a child may have.

Meeting the needs of children has become a major function for me as a teacher.   It is important for me to clear a pathway for learning.   In order to do this, I have to make sure a child’s needs are met not only in the areas of education, but also in the areas of mental capacity, emotional development, physical development and spiritual growth.   I believe it is important to maintain and develop a mentor like relationship with my students so that they come to trust and believe in the guidance and directions I give to them.

As an educator I believe it is my responsibility to develop active productive members of society both locally and globally.   I feel I can achieve this by not only meeting academic standards but by implementing specific life skill sets during early education that foster and promote independence, problem solving and self confidence.   A teacher has to be able to do more than teach material that students will encounter in a testing format.   It is important to make the information relative to the students so they find practical use for the information.

I believe relativity can be fostered by:

• Increasing teacher availability to students and parents – by making myself available students and parents have become more interactive and see me as a resource for learning

• Identifying student needs in all areas through standardized testing – academic achievement is a requirement so using testing sets already in place helps me to determine...