Nature vs Nuture Unit 4 M1

Nature is letting genetics and genes control your development. This is called inheritance; you get this from your genes from your parents. Physical and physiological developments are from the genetic information inside the genes. However on the other hand nurture includes the things that affect you after your born like you’re upbringing. Both of these have a very large effect on development but the debate is about which one contributes the most.

There is a strong argument for both nature and nurture, however we all start with nature, Natural things occur firstly such as inherited genetics have a big impact with development of yourself physically and personality. For example when Russell Brand was born he will have inherited his eye color and hair color from his mother and father, also as he grew older his height and weight will be affected by inheritance as well as nurture. His personality will be inherited as the first people you meet when your born is your parents and in the development on your early years the most time you spend is with your parents who learn you to do the basics things in life like your first step and learn you your first word. However this may be affected as his father walked out, as he will not have a fatherly figure to turn to like other children.

Nurture comes after you’re born it’s the way your brought up which is effected by the environment and certain individuals, etc.   For example when Russell started to growing up he will have been influenced by his friends to do and try things, I also think his father walking out on him at young age will of changed is up bringing if both of his parents were still together. Russell brand became a drug addict threw his teen years was this because he wasn’t nurtured enough when he was younger or was it due to peer pressure? This could have happened due to the environment he grew up in or he turned to them feeling lonely and down. With his father walking out on him at just 6month he never really...