Nature vs Nurture on Depression

Nature versus Nurture – Depression Discussion

Through the years there has been an on-going debate of nature versus nurture. Nature is the genetics, what you inherit and your genes. Whereas nurture refers to characteristics that may be shaped by one’s environmental influences. I’ve decided to discuss the subject of ‘depression’ and whether it is considered a Nature or Nurture concept. Studies show that some people may be genetically prone to mood disorders; but many people also develop them through environmental factors.
Firstly, there has been a study on identical twins, researchers looked at twins that were not only raised together but those who were also raised apart to try and determine whether a certain trait is biologically programmed, or if it evolves as a result of the environment in which they were raised up in. However they had a flaw in this research is that often the twins may have been separated by adoption but raised in very similar environments.A person who grows up with someone with depression may be more susceptible to the disease as you may start to copy some of their comfort behaviours, a child who watches their depressed parent may not think that it’s unusual behaviour. On the other hand is it possible for somebody to become depressed without any role models suffering with depression? There have been many cases where people have not had any known family members suffering from depression, environmental factors such as bereavement or an unfortunate life event could be the cause of this.
A British Team recently isolated a gene that they think appears to be prevalent in multiple family members who have depression and the chromosome 3p25-26 was found in more than 800 families with recurrent depression. Scientists believe that as much as 40 per cent of those with depression can trace it to a genetic link. But what are the other 60 per cent made up with?   If 40% is genetic then the other 60% must be made up with environmental and other factors....