Nature of Thought

My own process of thinking begins with taking the information in and making my own observation on each individual situation. I wouldn’t say that my process is always rational and my barriers tend to be my projection as well as my anger when someone doesn’t understand or in my observation take the time to understand my point of view.

When Lord Lytton said; “The easiest person to deceive is one’s self.” It was a quote that I couldn’t agree more with. Describing the difference between the sensing process, defining memory and describing the medium would best be defined as a complete process of the way our brain functions when it first starts the process of intake of the information.

An example of that is the other day, the phone rang and as soon as I saw my mother’s name, I let out an enormous sigh. She had called to express her frustration in me because she felt I wasn’t keeping in touch with my brother. I tried to explain that I do talk to him on a regular basis but that I do have my own life as well. She went into this lengthy story on how he was going through a hard time in his life, I tried to explain that I understood that but that I was also going through a hard time and was getting over a sickness. She wasn’t listening and that immediately made me feel the need to defend myself.

I now realize I was upset before picking up the phone and once it was apparent that she wasn’t trying to understand my point of view, nor was I trying to understand hers, it was clear that this conversation would have no conclusion except two frustrated family members.

I feel the difference between the generations along with female verse male makes the “language” difficult to interrupt. When dealing with a female, especially your own mother, I feel that the sensitivity of communications needs to be heightened and yet all I can really focus on is the point she is not taking the time to hear my side of the story. This makes it difficult to communicate and discuss in a calm...