Nature Essay

Christine A. Durham
                                          A Deeper Insight into my Own Nature

I took a deeper insight into my own nature when I was in my sister’s wedding. I never thought I was protective of my sisters until this day. It was drama and chaos leading up to this day but I thought her best friend would think of someone other than herself. I arrived at the church at eleven twenty. All the bridesmaids were supposed to arrive at eleven so I was hoping I would see everyone. When I walked to the back where we were supposed to meet we were missing a few bridesmaids but that was to be expected in this imperfect world. Some of the bridesmaids were getting their makeup done and some were waiting their turn. My sister had not arrived yet because she had more errands to run before she arrived at the church. I knew I was number six to get my makeup done so I walked in the chapel to see the decorations. They were beautiful! Lilies were wrapped in black ribbons on every other pew with black and white sheer fabric connecting each pew. Two angels lit up the front of the chapel where the bridesmaids would be standing. Red poinsettias were on the stage where the bride and groom would be standing sharing their vows. That was her splash of red that she wanted to go with her black and white. Then I laid eyes on a Christmas tree. Shaking my head I realized that the church forgot to throw away the tree after Christmas and the New Year. That was the only eye sore in the chapel, but it was too late to dispose of it now. I chatted with the bridesmaids until it was time to get my makeup done. The bride requested that all of the bridesmaids get their makeup done by her makeup artist so everyone would look the same way. Now it was time for us to get our dresses on. After I put my dress on I helped the other ladies. The time was winding down and I realized that we were missing three bridesmaids. One of the women was the maid of...