Natural Gas Supply Outlook Market Trends, Size, Challenges, Costs and Price, Analysis, Segmented Overview and Outlook


This report deals with the supply chain for natural gas, from the production stage, through processing and transportation, to distribution and consumption by industrial and retail customers.
It describes and explains how supply works and its key features in the European, US and Chinese markets.
It then looks at the future for natural gas, under a range of future scenarios covering then next ten years, including an optimistic scenario where increased economic activity has driven up the price of energy, a ‘base’ scenario of activity remaining at recent levels and a negative scenario of low economic activity and energy prices. In each case it looks at the likely structure of natural gas supply in the different regions.

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Executive Summary

The report Natural Gas Supply Outlook foresees the following factors affecting gas supply in the US, Western Europe and China in the next ten years.
US - Shale gas will account for nearly half of total US gas production by 2040. Production volumes will continue to grow because of increased drilling efficiencies and more shale gas fields coming on stream.
The increased production is expected to decrease the country’s dependence on imports from Canada. LNG exports from the US are expected to increase beginning 2016.
Use of natural gas in sectors other than electrical power production is expected to expand in the medium term. The fertilizer and chemical sector industries particularly are expected to start new projects driving long term demand.

Europe - Europe is likely to see declining local production and increasing imports from areas such as West Africa the US, Canada and North Africa, resulting in more LNG supply. Thus two thirds of Europe’s natural gas needs are expected to be met by imports by the year 2025. With local production volumes expected to decline, and issues over the security of Russian...