The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949 to protect Europe from the threats from the Soviet Union.   NATO has to enlarge to meet the changing nature of transnational threats, from terrorism to typhoons to turmoil in the Middle East. NATO has grown to provide security forces in southern Afghanistan, and to deliver relief items to tsunami and earthquake victims in Southern Asia.   They also train and equip troops in Iraq. NATO expanded in 1950 to include Greece, Turkey, and West Germany.   In 198 Spain joined the alliance, then in 1999 Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, and then in 2004 7 more European countries joined NATO.
The states that have most recently joined NATO were Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. ( There are many reasons why countries join NATO.   Some of the reasons are to address more global threats.   The global threats are threats like terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and global pandemics, all of which could originate anywhere in the world. ( Another reason is to assist in peacekeeping efforts.   NATO is capable of deploying large numbers of well equipped forces.   Members state that having a greater say over operational matters and missions carry greater political weight than other regional bodies. (   NATO is also there to take the stress off U.S. forces abroad.   NATO has a greater reach beyond what Europe can. This takes pressure off of the U.S. troops in places such as Afghanistan.   NATO is redeploying some of its International Security Assistance Force troops to southern Afghanistan to hunt for Taliban insurgents and provide extra security.
The future of NATO remains solely on how countries continue to act towards one another.   Currently the countries of Georgia and the Ukraine want to join the alliance because Russia has threatened them both.   These countries have been deferred because they need to reform their government. I feel that if the world...