Native Americans

Native Americans in "New World"

    Throughout the historical researches of humans, people always focus on the four ancient civilizations which are Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient china, as well as the areas which had a prosperous period of history or the region where is still controversial such as Jerusalem. For the areas which were colonized by other countries, North America for example, some people generally lack the proper awareness of its history and situation before the arrival of Europeans. In fact, Native Americans had a complete agricultural system except some tribes which survived by hunting and gathering. Also there were various crops because of the different geographies that promoted their trading. Moreover, the gender roles of Native American were unique which consisted in their different traditions such as matrilineal and patrilineal. Thus, the three parts involve agriculture, trade, and gender roles might lead readers to approach the genuine life of Native American.
    Towards the concepts of agriculture with the objective attitude, different tribes were extremely diverse. According to The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century, some tribes barely survived by hunting and gathering. Others which settled  
in one place emphasized the agriculture a lot. Their ideas were probably reflected by the remark of a Blackfoot chief who was in the 1800s “We cannot sell the lives of men and animal, therefore we cannot sell this land.” Thanks to the contributions of the numerous rivers and large amounts of fertile land, those Native Americans established the river-adjacent fields and implemented the cultivation. On the other hands, they utilized the innovative technique of irrigation to bring water into the dry regions. The crops they early cultivated involved tobaccos, cottons, pumpkins, sump weed and so on. Besides they hunted native animals as well, particularly the buffalo. After a period of time there were three...