National Security

The little Man under a big Cloud

PSY 202

June 6, 2011

A story told and a life unfinished through an American Sailor

This is a reflection through the eyes of a young man who chose a path during his life of diversity and selfless devotion.   In this paper you will see displays of dedication for a proud sailor who is serving with World’s Finest Military. You will travel through the life of an outgoing, open-minded, and ready to search the world lively individual.

The Little man under a big Cloud

This is start of my life through the eyes of somebody wonderful.
My life started in McMinnville, Or in 1978. To this day that town holds an important place in my heart along with a population of only 2300 people. Throughout my years I have often thought of returning but my career in the navy has kept me in Washington State raising my wonderful family of 5 whom I adore. I was an active young person during my younger years devoted to always increasing my active lifestyle with new activities and incidents all because I was bored. My parents were often working and trying to fulfill a better life for me and my 2 sisters. I was always entertained with my two sets of grandparents. Although my grandparents had passed on the morals I have learned at a young age I certainly have kept and used in my own life. One side taught me the importance of doing something smart with your money so one day I could be prosperous and have a good life with plenty of achievements. The other side pursued the depth of real simple yet important moral values into a young person’s life. Without both sides teaching different aspects of life I would not be the person I am today. One thing I learned real young is that life will provide you with different things one being values and the other being opportunities. What you do with those values and certain life fulfilling opportunities is how prosperous your life will become.

This is the story of my life as an active little boy during the...