National Parks

Emmeral McLaurin
MPA 611
Public Law and Public Administration
November 5, 2015
Dr. Ervin Martin
Belhaven University

Author Note
Week three (3) assignment was prepared for MPA 611 under the instruction of Dr. Ervin Martin  
Abstract: The choice to safeguard Overton Park went from political to legal. It comprehensively influenced an extensive variety of group hobbies. The unmistakable and dramatic move was all around hailed by the blast of new federal enactment on social and natural issues that regularly gave unequivocally or certainly to resident safety. The intimal approval was given by the U.S. Bureau of public roads, which later became part of the department of transportation in 1956.   In the 1960’s the final decision was pending a number or provisions were enacted to protect the environment from burgeoning development. (Cooper, 2007)

In the 1950s, there was a significant challenge and thought of a recharged enthusiasm for creating Overton Park, with the extra reproductions of the national interstate thruways. Overton Park is depicted as a recognized 342-acre section of land which was turned into a group park, it was utilized for multi-reason diversions. Inferable from its adaptable plan, Overton Park soon turned into the social focal point of Memphis. Among its numerous attractions, the recreation center contained the "Memphis Zoo, the Memphis Museum of Arts, a (9) nine-opening fairway, a structure, and two little lakes." (Cooper, 2007, Pg 240)   The subjects of Memphis developed common worries about the pulverization of the regular excellence of general society park incited by Congress.
Has the administrator acted within his/her proper range of authority? Yes, even though the Court claimed the case to its sum. Overton Park was the milestone for the Supreme Court case. Congress plainly did not expect to bring about the interruption of the group; in this way this case was built up by the structure of a legal survey for regulatory activities. Even though the...