National Park Service

The National Park Service
Dr. Dwight T. Pitcaithley, former Chief Historian of the National Park Service (NPS), has contributed much of his adult life to the preservation of our nation’s national parks. Through his I learned that the National Park Service was created on August 25, 1916. At this time there had already been thirty-five national parks and monuments established. When the National Park Service was created, these parks and monuments were made part of the system. Some of these areas include Hot Springs Reservation and Yellowstone National Park. By the twenty-fifth anniversary in 1941 the National Park Service had expanded to 164 national parks and monuments. The NPS continued to grow larger, and by the fiftieth anniversary the service contained two hundred and fifty-one different units. Some of these new additions included historic sites like Fort Sumter and the Fredrick Douglas Home. The Fredrick Douglas Home has been preserved so well that if Fredrick Douglas himself were to walk into the house, he would know where everything was. Next year (2016) will be the hundredth anniversary of the National Park Service, and the amount of land continues to grow. Currently there are 408 areas included in the NPS, covering more than 84 million acres.
The National Park Service provides Americans and tourists with enjoyment, history, and relaxation. Whether you want to educate yourself by visiting the Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site or enjoy the beautiful scenery at Yosemite National Park, the National Park Service has something for everyone to enjoy. However, the NPS has benefitted the Texas economy while providing these sites. Texas has gained $238,900,000 in economic benefit from national park tourism. The National Park Service has given Americans something great to put their tax money to!