This story takes place a few years ago; I was a sophomore in high school and went on a trip with my church. To a camp called CIY. Unlike some people, it didn't take me a long time to pack at all. We all loaded up into the bus and headed on our way to Durango, Colorado. The bus ride up was very long and boring but we watched movies and talked to each other.   Once we got up there and had our bus unpacked. We checked into the hotel the fun part began. All of us had been looking forward to this all summer.
That's when I found out that I was rooming with my best friend Jack. We are both so excited for the week to begin. The first day, we just unpacked and moved into our room. When we first got to our room the air was still and cold, but after we moved in it started to feel like home for the week. I can remember the food definitely reminded you that you were not at home anymore. Every day we had many meetings and games. But on the third day is when we got to go white water rafting.
First of all neither of us had ever been white water rafting so had no idea what to expect, but from what we heard it's pretty fun. When we finally got to the river we had to wait for a while before the rafts were inflated and ready to use. Everyone put on life jackets, the tour guides give us a quick safety tutorial and we were ready to go.
When we first got into our boat the water immediately came rushing in. The water was so cold that it immediately made our hands and feet numb. I sat in the very front of the raft and every time we hit a wave the full force would knock me back. We all had to work together to keep the raft moving forward after a while paddling became harder and harder my arms and shoulders started to burn and the salt would sting my eyes. It seems like the rapids were never-ending but then we were finally done. We looked back and realized that we had done it.
At the end of the trip rafting was just some sore muscles and a memory. But it made us realize that challenges...

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