Narration Essay
Attending all family events is very important to me.   When a reunion, graduation, or death in the family occurs, everyone drops everything to attend.   I love going to these events because sometimes we can go a year before we see each other.   I love getting together because I love to hear stories about my loved ones and I learn valuable lessons. Most of my family lives in the south, so I spent some of my family visits in Georgia and Mississippi.   There was one particular trip we all took down to Mississippi that I will never forget because of the experience I had and the lessons I learned years later.
I was in junior high school when I was told by my mother that we were going down to Mississippi. My great-great grandmother had died. I only met my grandma a handful of times but I enjoyed listening to her stories whenever I was around her.   They were about nine of us from Illinois who were going to drive down to Mississippi together.   We rented a van, but there was not enough room for everyone.   My mom and uncle were in the front seats.   My two cousins and I were in the middle seat and my dad and two other members were in the backseat. My cousin Rhapsody sat on the floor where she was wedged between the sliding door and a big cooler we had for food and drinks. We had to be careful driving because she did not have a seat belt and the weather was not the greatest.
The trip was during the winter so we had to drive carefully because the snow was very heavy. Driving through the rural parts of Illinois, the fields of dead crops were blanketed with pure white snow.   Farmhouses had large, sharp pointy icicles hanging from their roofs.   The breath of horses and cows that were in the pasture was visible in the cold, crisp air.   We made a lot of stops along the way to Mississippi.   We stopped in Effingham because my little cousin had to have a big rainbow swirl lollipop to eat.   The store we stopped at was a combination of a gas station and a souvenir...