Learned but Not Forgotten
At one point in our lives we have certain events that mold and shape us into the people we are today. People go through ups and downs in life but can always look back at that certain “special” moment and appreciate with confidence about the lessons learned. When I was younger, I moved from home that I knew all my live to a completely different place of unfamiliarity. And with this change, my family chose to send me to a new school at which I learned a lot about myself and helped how I approach things in everyday life today.
When I was younger, my family sent me to a charter school called SSAS. I had never heard of this type of school before in my entire life. You could say that I was “sheltered” for most of my life because I attended a private Christian school. I had never really met many people from different backgrounds and cultures before. While at The Tabernacle, there were about twelve to fifteen kids in a class at best however in SSAS I remember the classes having nearly twenty-two or twenty-four kids. The pure size of the population at SSAS was just something I’ve never seen before. During my transition to unity became more and more satisfying, I began to wonder if this was what I really needed to experience in my life. While going to SSAS I met a bunch of new and exciting people that I continue to have friendships with even today. I can remember going into the wrong class room on the first day of school. Not only did I feel terrified and embarrassed but also angry at myself. I couldn’t figure out this “new” school atmosphere and how everything worked at this school. I felt completely alone in the first months since my arrival at SSAS. Soon I became more comfortable in this type of environment and developed a new kind of personality. Now I’ve always been a funny person but being at SSAS I molded into an almost comedian like person. I started be-friending people from different races and found out that they enjoyed my company as...