July 11, 2004
Amanda Courter
Bryant & Stratton College
ENGL: 101 Research and Writing I
Ms. Rubilar
September 22, 2010

July 11, 2004
It was very hot that July, especially that day. I had just finished losing to the worst league at my baseball game and all I wanted to do was go swimming at my grandparents’ house. My uncle left his all terrain vehicles there after going out the weekend before on a ride with my aunt. Of course my brother would rather ride them then go swimming. Why would he want to do what I wanted to do? He never does!
My whole family was there, even my six year old cousin Justyn. He wanted to ride the quads but the usual routine was that he was only allowed to ride them with my grandfather as the driver, since I was only fifteen at the time. My grandfather was too busy grilling dinner, so my aunt told me that he would be fine riding with me. We left the house and headed for the trails.
We were up and down the hill in the trails for about forty minutes just enjoying the thrill of the quads. My brother said, “Amanda I’m hungry! Can we just do one more ride and head up to eat?” He started flying down the hill. Dirt was swirling up around me and I couldn’t see a thing.
All of a sudden, the big rut in the ground came out of nowhere. We hit it and flipped the quad. Justyn went flying to the right and me to the left. The quad flipped around two times and landed on top of me, across my entire lower body. I couldn’t even feel any pain because I thought, “Oh my GOD!! Is Justyn alright?” I looked to my right and there he was, lying there with no movement.
Adrenaline rushed through my body and I pushed the five hundred pound quad off of me. I ran over to him, took his helmet off, and started giving him CPR. I wasn’t sure how to do CPR, except for what I learned watching medical shows on TV. I turned him on his side and he started coughing up blood.
I heard a scream from the top of the hill and I knew right away it was my aunt. Neighbors...